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Can Pest Control Get Rid of Ants?

Ants can infest even the cleanest of properties. Do not be surprised if you find a line of ants around your carelessly secured chocolate syrup or cola tetra pack in the pantry. These insects can pop out of anywhere and pollute your food items. Seeing anthills or mounds of mud housing ants in your garden is an unpleasant sight. Some ant species intruding on the inside of your house can also destroy your valuable wooden furniture. However, the good news is that professional pest control services are nevertheless useful in getting rid of ants from your property. Pest control professionals can implement excellent ant removal Melbourne services that are remedial. The professionals are able to make use of several techniques and measures to do away with ant infestations from commercial and residential zones.

Inorganic Pest Control Methods

Listed below are some inorganic methods that are used by professionals for ant control and removal customarily:

  1. Traps – These traps act like instant poison for these insects and hence their efficacy is the highest.
  2. Baiting – Baits contain poison which the ants take back to their colonies. The entire colony is killed once they come in contact with the bait.
  3. Sprays /Pesticides – Ant sprays or pesticides specifically for ant control are applied directly on the infested portions of the house. These sprays are usually effective in doing away with ant infestations of different scales.

Organic Pest Control Methods

  1. Essential oils – insects detest the typical smell of the essential oils and hence they can be more impactful in repelling ants from your property. You can use eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, peppermint, thyme, or any other essential oil available. Diluting a few drops in water and then spraying the solution on the infested areas can be sufficient in keeping ants away from your property.
  2. Baking soda – scattering a pinch of baking soda on the areas frequented by ants including near walls, corners, crevices, and openings used by them is helpful in killing off ants.
  3. Scalding hot water – pouring scalding hot water on the parts that have the highest frequency of ants is another helpful way to keep ants away.

Tips to Keep Ants off Your Property

  • To keep ants at bay in the kitchen, mop up food spillages as and how they take place.
  • Refrigerate ripe fruit and keep other foods in sealed containers.
  • After each use, dry the tub or sink and block the drain with a stopcock.
  • Examine the areas below the cooking top and other cooking equipment for any spills while cooking so it can be addressed right away.
  • Rinse your pet food bowls on a regular basis, and promptly mop up any spilled food from around it.
  • Regularly check your indoor houseplants if any for insect activity.
  • Wash your trash can regularly with a chemical solution every few days.

Opting for regular Ant removal Melbourne services alongside the above-mentioned remedies will be more than enough to keep off the ant population on your property.


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