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    Effective Ant Control in Melbourne

    Are you tired of these tiny critters crawling on your kitchen platform or your floor? Are you looking for a professional pest control exterminator to get rid of the Ant infestation from your home or commercial property? Worry no more! Besure Pest Control Melbourne has got you covered. We provide the best and most effective Ant control services in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. With more than 25 years of experience, all our pest control staff are highly skilled, licensed and well-trained to remove Ants and other kinds of pests such as cockroaches, termites, rodents etc., from your property in a quick and efficient manner. With access to the latest and most advanced tools and technologies, our pest control experts can quickly eliminate these nasty creatures from your residential or commercial space within the same day.

    Just two or three Ants are not a problem. But if you see a colony of Ants crawling on your walls or near your pantry, then you might have a huge trouble brewing on your property. These small critters are most problematic when they enter your property in search of water, food and shelter. Ants are drawn to various products and smell when they are searching for food. If they find a suitable place on your property from where they can easily have access to food and water, they will give a signal to other Ants to help in gathering food. This results in an infestation on your property.

    So, if you see signs of Ant infestation in your house or workplace, you must take quick action and reach out to professional Ant control Melbourne as soon as possible if you wish to get rid of these annoying pests from your property in the most effective way. So no matter where you live, we are ready to help you whenever you are troubled with pest problems.

    Why Ant Infestation is Risky?

    Infamous for showing up unwanted at home, apartments and workplaces, are these tiny pests just an annoyance or do they pose a danger to your well-being and safety? Let’s take a look at a few ways how Ants can harm humans.

    Well, most Ant species such as black Ants do not harm humans. But that does not mean that these tiny insects are not capable of hurting you. These critters can pinch you in order to defend themselves if they feel threatened.

    Why Ant Infestation is Risky?

    Their pricks can cause a little pain, soreness and discomfort, but they are normally not serious. If you do not clean and take care of the bitten area immediately, it can become infected.

    Some species even have stingers, and their stings are totally different from what their bite feels like. If species like fire or red Ants, for instance, sting you, they shoot venom in your body with the help of their stinger. Their sting is painful and severe, and the poison can cause serious issues that are not only painful but sometimes even fatal in some cases.

    Most common symptoms accompanied by red Ant sting include – pain, discomfort, redness, itching and swelling. But in severe cases; queasiness, nausea, dyspnea, stomach spasms, dizziness, chest pain and diarrhoea can also occur if your body reacts more critically to the venom.

    And in most severe cases, if the poison triggers a severe allergic reaction, some people may undergo an anaphylaxis reaction, i.e., swelling of the throat. Such a situation can make breathing extremely difficult for you and you may require immediate medical attention.

    For the above-mentioned reason, you must take precautionary measures in order to avoid Ant infestation and their sting in the first place. And if you have an existing infestation, you should quickly reach out to Ant control Melbourne experts as quickly as possible.

    What Are The Signs of Ant Infestation on Your Property?

    What Are The Signs of Ant Infestation on Your Property?

    The evident sight of Ants and their colony crawling and marching on your floor, walls, pantry and shelves is one of the most common indicators of an Ant infestation on your property.

    If you frequently notice these annoying critters in your kitchen, that too, mostly near sweet products, it is highly likely that they may have infiltrated your kitchen or any other nook and corner of your property and can create their nest anywhere.

    Another sign to spot an Ant infestation is to look for its pathways. Ants trailing in and out of your apartment or commercial space are another sign of an infestation. Some species of Ants leave a trail of pheromones near foodstuff to call their fellow mates near the food source.

    And the most important sign of Ant infestation is their nest. If you think that you may have an Ant infestation on your property then the first thing you should do is to look for their nest. Ant’s nest looks like a speck or pile of soil on the walls or other quiet and dark places. If you spot a nest in your home or commercial space, then you should quickly call Ant control Melbourne experts in order to get rid of the infestation quickly.

    Why Choose Besure Pest Control Melbourne?

    All pest control and removal specialists at Besure Pest Control Melbourne are highly trained and well-adept in controlling and removing any kind the pest infestation on your property. When you hire professional services, you get:

    • We are available 24/7. You can make the booking online on any day or time.

    • You can book the service on same day or on an emergency basis.

    • We have an experienced and trained team.

    • Our pest control service is affordable.

    • We ensure 100% client satisfaction.

    Why Choose Besure Pest Control Melbourne?

    Process of Ant Control in Melbourne

    It can be problematic to have ants in a house. But our ant control Melbourne service is designed to remove the ants safely. In our service, we follow a certain process. To know more about the procedure in detail, go through the listed steps:



    Our experts conduct a thorough inspection before proceeding ahead. Various details such as ant types, the intensity of infestation and damage done by ants are identified in this step.

    Treatment Plan

    Treatment Plan

    After gathering the details our team prepares a customised ant control treatment plan. This layout helps our team in the process. Right from the suitable treatment type to the expected duration, many points are written in the plan.

    Extermination of Ants

    Extermination of Ants

    Chemical sprays and non-chemical methods are used to control the ants. Some organic products are also used to repel the ants. The pesticides are sprayed in almost every corner of the property. Experts specially target moist places. They also ensure that the eggs are destroyed in the process. Professionals leave baits and allow the chemicals to show an impact on ants.



    To check whether the activities of ants have reduced or not, the specialists visit the property again. In the follow-up visit, the experts also inform the clients about some ways to prevent the ants in future.

    Ant Control Treatment for Commercial Places

    Invasion of ants in commercial property like a hotel or hospital can pose a direct threat to the health of employees and customers. Apart from health, the reputation of the business also gets affected due to the ant infestation. To remove the ants from huge commercial buildings, the ant control Melbourne experts work day and night. We offer the flexibility to commercial owners to book the service at the time of their choice.

    Book Ant Extermination Service on Same Day

    Do you need urgent removal of ants from your residence or workplace? Contact our company and take benefit of our same day or emergency booking. Whenever you feel the urgency of ant removal, call on the same day. Within a few hours, our team would be there to help you. We would use premium products and tools to control the ants.

    Ant Removal Service for Residential Places

    Your child and other loved ones can suffer from pain because of an ant sting. Some ant species are venomous and you should not allow them to roam around your house for a long time. Besure Pest Controlis a leading company that provides effective ant control services for homes. The treatment would be safe for people suffering from sensitive skin or respiratory issues.

    Ant Removal Service for Residential Places

    Affordable Ant Control Treatment in Melbourne

    Affordable Ant Control Treatment in Melbourne

    Book the ant control Melbourne service from Besure Pest Control and get rid of all species of ants within a few days. We would use costly pesticides to control the ants. In return, you just have to pay a nominal fee for the service. The price would be based on the work and severity of the infestation. There will be no hidden charges. To get a quotation for our affordable service, call us.

    How to Prevent Ants?

    In the early summer season, houses become more vulnerable to ant infestation. The ants contaminate the food and sting humans. But, you can prevent these ants from entering your home with help of the following tips:

    • Keep your kitchen clean. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping should be done daily. Next, wipe off anything that falls on the floor quickly.

    • Store the edibles in air-tight containers.

    • Remove all sources of water for the ants.

    • Don’t leave the trash bins stuffed for a long time.

    • Block all the entrances for the ants.

    FAQs on Ant Control Melbourne

    1. How can I get rid of fire ants?

    Ans. Fire ant treatment is the best way to deal with this species of ants as these ants are dangerous. They bite and inject human beings.

    2. What if I have spotted red ants in my kitchen?

    Ans. Red ants are harmful to human beings. So, it is better to call professionals to get rid of them.

    3. How often should I call professionals for ant control services?

    Ans. It depends on your location, surroundings and other factors. But, normally you can schedule an annual professional ant control service.

    4. How much time will it take for professionals to make my place completely ant-free?

    Ans. Our professional pest controllers will reach your home and treat the ants. However, from inspection to treating the infestation it may take around 48 hours. But, your place will be completely ant-free in 3 to 4 weeks as the treatment takes time to work on ants.

    5. Can I schedule an ant control service on Sunday?

    Ans.Yes. We at Besure Pest Control Melbourne have a dedicated team that works all days of the year. We are never closed, even on public holidays. So, yes, you can book our services for Sundays at your convenience.

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