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The presence of rodents can shoot shivers down someone’s spine. They are a serious problem and affect most Melbourne establishments. Apartments are perfect for them, as they give them shelter, food, and water without any struggle. They are a threat to the health of the person and the structure. Let us not forget the mouse plague of 1993 that killed thousands of people and caused damage worth $69 million.

Besure Pest Control Melbourne is a leading company that specializes in removing rodents from commercial and residential places. Rodents have become a common issue in Melbourne; thus, we have professional rodent control Melbourne team to tackle these issues easier than ever before. Call on 0488882373 and hire our professionals before the issues get out of control. Our technicians are qualified and can deal with all types of rodent infestation.

Rodents are an umbrella term for all types of mice and rats. We are experts in controlling rodent issues in domestic as well as commercial places. Further, there are three types of rodents we control:

Garden Rodent

House Mouse

Brown Rat

Damage Caused by Rodent Infestation

Rodents are nasty creatures that cause damage to both commercial and residential places. To avoid the following negative effects of rodent infestation, you need to seek help from experts.

  • Rodents can start up a fire by chewing the electrical cables.
  • They contaminate more food than they eat. Studies suggest that rats contaminate more than 20% of global food.
  • They eat books, furniture, structure, and electrical appliances.
  • They spread diseases in humans and animals through bites and transporting mites, ticks, and fleas in the house.
  • They are a vector for carrying diseases such as bubonic plague, Hantavirus, rat-bite fever, infectious jaundice, typhus, salmonellosis, and pulmonary fever.
  • They compromise the integrity of the structure, equipment, and furniture.
  • Rats can infest almost everywhere, from home to restaurants to the supermarket. They are even present in the farm field, livestock pens, warehouses, grain mills, food storage units, and corn cribs. They are active during the night when there is less foot movement.

Controlling rodent infestation can prove challenging for homeowners and business owners. Further, if not handled properly, it can turn into a community problem. To ensure that the rodent infestation is taken care of, hire professional rodent control Melbourne service providers.

Diseases Spread by Rodent Infestation

Rodents such as mice and rats are known to transmit several kinds of diseases. Some of the most common diseases are:

Hantavirus- Humans contract Hantavirus, a potentially fatal disease, from rodents, primarily the white-footed deer mouse. Exposure to or inhalation of infected rodent urine, droppings, or saliva can cause infection, and the chances increase if the residents are in close proximity to the rodents.

Rat-bite– Rodent bite fever (RBF) occurs when infected rodents bite humans or when humans consume food contaminated with rodent excrement. Three to ten days after exposure to an infected source are typical for the onset of symptoms like fever, vomiting, headache, rash, and muscle pain.

Salmonellosis- Rodent faeces spread salmonellosis, a food poisoning caused by rodent faeces. There are a number of symptoms including diarrhoea, fever, and abdominal pains. It is possible to reduce all possible diseases with rodent control Melbourne services if it is done at the right time.

Apart from these diseases, rodents carry many other diseases too. To ensure the safety of your family members, you can contact Besure Pest Control Melbourne. Our rodent control Melbourne team would use the best practices to eliminate rodents from your workplace or house.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Many people can’t recognise rodent infestation at the right time. It results in an increase in the rodent population. To prevent the damage from increasing, you must hire the experts at the correct time. For your help, we have listed some clear signs of rodent infestation:

Rodent Droppings and Faeces

The first sign of rodent infestation is the sight of dropping in around your living space, drawers, cabinet area, and counters. Dropping are generally scattered but are prevalent more near feeding areas, runways, and shelter.

Tracks and Runways

You can observe tracks made by rodents in dust, dirt, and mud. If you cannot notice tracks, sprinkle dust and talcum powder around the area and wait for a day. If you see small tracks that mean the rat was there.

Rats usually take a similar route every day while making rounds for food. While doing so, they leave traces of runways on dirt, dust, and grass, especially near fences or the establishment.


Rodents chew down everything that comes across. If you notice bite marks in the walls, subfloors, ceilings, cupboards, counter, etc., it means rats were there.


If there is a rodent infestation, you will notice borrows near the wall, fences, under-building, woodpiles, concrete slabs, and vegetation.

Dark Brown or Yellow Urine Stains

Urine stains are easily noticeable on the floor, cabinet, and around the house.

Grease and Oil Marks

Rodent oily fur leaves grease and oil marks around the places they crawl.


Though rats are experts in hiding, you can easily make out their presence through the sounds they make while walking and moving around.


In a poorly ventilated house, the rodent’s urine odour and musky odour can be noticeable.

Partially Consumed Food Items

Rats tend to leave around partially consumed food. If you notice these tell-tale signs, call a professional pest controller.

Dead or live rats

Rodents are generally nocturnal, but in high population rat colonies, low-ranked rates hunt in the daytime. So, if you catch a glimpse of rats in the day, it is a sign that you have a substantial rodent infestation.

Why Choose Besure Pest Control Melbourne?

Rodents can cause a lot of havoc in one’s life. Thus, it is essential to understand the damage caused by rodents and ways to deal with it. Besure Pest Control Melbourne has the technical expertise to manage all types of rodent infestation. Check out the reasons why we can be the perfect choice as a pest control company:

  • Besure Pest Control Melbourne is an experienced company that only hires trained workers.
  • We use the best quality products that are safe for health and the environment.
  • Our company believes in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We provide same-day or emergency service bookings.
  • Our team provides an instant quotation for the service.

The Procedure of Rodent Control in Melbourne

To make a property rodent-free, our professionals follow a proper procedure. Our team takes utmost care at each step so that effective results are obtained. Have a look at the steps involved in our rodent control process:


The rodent control process starts with a rigorous inspection of the place. Void under the roof, corners of the house, basements, storerooms, cracks, burrows, holes in the garden, and many other places are inspected to identify rodent infestation.

Our experts determine all the factors that facilitate rodent’s growth in the place. All the possible entrances are also identified and sealed to prevent the rodents from entering the place.

Rodent Extermination

To ensure that all the hidden rodents come out from their burrow, fumigation and pesticides are used. The pesticides used for killing rodents are known as rodenticides. Only high-quality products are used during the rodent pest control procedure to avoid the problems like skin allergies, congestion, rashes, and itching. So, if you have kids and pets at home, they can enter the place after some hours without any problem.

Post-Treatment Visit

The residence or commercial complex becomes completely free from rodents after a few days. It takes some time for all the rodents to come in contact with the baiting systems and pesticides. So, you might not get complete relief in one day. To ensure that our treatment has achieved the estimated result, we pay a visit to the treated site after a few days. If you need long-lasting results for rodent treatment in Melbourne, then implement the suggestions given by our experts to prevent rodent infestation.

What Do We Do To Prevent Treat Rodents?

Expert pest controllers at Besure Pest Control Melbourne utilise various methods to kill rodents. But, two of our widely used methods are as follows:

  1. Electronics Pest Control

Mice and rats can be easily removed using this method. Ultrasonic technology, which uses electromagnetic waves to keep rodents and pests at bay, makes it easier to get rid of rodents and pests. It’s a chemical-free method, so it’s also eco-friendly. To prevent them from entering your home, electromagnetic sound waves are directed at their ears. As a result of the sound waves being unbearable to their ears, they flee.

  1. Spraying rodenticide

Rodenticides are pesticides that are designed to kill rats and mice only. As a result, it is widely used in Melbourne to eradicate rodents from homes. If there are many rodents on the property, single spraying of rodenticides may be sufficient to eliminate the pests, but multiple sprays may be necessary. Treatment options include sticky traps, pheromone traps, etc.

Dead Rodent Removal Service

Rodents can be a pain in the neck. After dying, they become even more problematic. They usually die at unexpected places and produce awful odours. If the bodies are not found and disposed of properly on time, they can generate toxic gases and harmful germs. In such cases, it is always a better idea to contact professionals. You can contact the dead rodent removal team from Besure Pest Control and get rid of the animal corpse easily. Our professionals look in every nook and cranny and trace the source of the odour to search for the body. They even sanitize and deodorize the place to remove the smell and microbes.

Commercial and Domestic Rodent Control Melbourne

Rats and mice love to invade homes because they can find food and other items to feed on. Apart from residential areas, they can also stay at commercial places like restaurants, warehouses, and shopping centres. Money and important documents in the drawers, furniture, clothes, and many other things get destroyed because of the rodents.

Hire rodent pest control specialists from Be Sure Pest Control as they have the ability to remove rodents from both domestic and commercial complexes. Whether the area is large or small, we work with full dedication on all the projects. The prices of rodent treatment in Melbourne are also kept reasonable so that business owners don’t have to think twice before booking the service. Always remember that rodent control saves your customers, visitors, and family members from serious diseases and the destruction of several objects.

Affordable Pest Control Service for Rodents

Rodents look tiny but they can be damaging to property. The damage caused by these pests can be way more costly for you than the fee charged by professionals. At Besure Pest Control Melbourne, we prepare a reasonable quote for the service. We never compromise on quality and use top-notch products to kill all kinds of rodents. Whether you are looking for a service for your house or office, feel free to contact us. There will be no hidden charges in our bill and we maintain transparency in pricing.

Same Day Booking for Rodent Control Service in Melbourne

If you need pest control service within 24 hours, contact Besure Pest Control Melbourne. We are a reliable company that has a team of trained professionals. We reach every corner of the city and make sure that every client is satisfied with our work. We handle bulk requirements with ease. Our services are quite affordable and both residential and commercial clients can hire us on the same day. For any queries, you can call us on 0488882373.

Tips to Keep the Rodents Away from Property

It is not possible to stop rodents from entering the house permanently. But, you can follow some prevention measures to keep the rodents away from home after the professional rodent control treatment. Check out the following ways to prevent the rodents:

  • The best way to control rodents is by keeping them away in the first place. Have a look at how you can keep these disease-carrying pests away from your property.
  • As rats hide in the gardens, the first step of defence should be to trim the vegetation close to the building.
  • Check the perimeter to ensure that there are no gaps at the entry. If there are then, seal them properly.
  • Pay attention to pipes, wires, cables, and windows, as they crawl into the house using these.
  • Remove the water puddles around the house at the earliest.
  • If necessary, use traps to help you prevent rodent infestation. Plus, dispose of the pits as far as possible from the premises.

Finally, if you still fail to control rodent infestation, it is time to hire Besure Pest Control Melbourne. We offer the best solution for rodent problems with the help of certified and experienced members.

Services We Offer

Besure Pest Control Melbourne offers a wide range of pest control services. Have a look at the solutions that we offer in and around the city:

Moth Control

Cockroach Control

Wasp Removal

Bed Bug Control

Borer Control

Flea Control

Possum Removal

Bird Control

Spider Control

Bee Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do bed bugs affect human health?

Ans. Bed bug bites can cause inflammation, itchiness, and hypersensitivity in humans. They also affect your immune system by disturbing your sleep causing leading to stress and depression. Contact us at 0488882373 to get a practical solution to your bed bug problem.

2. Where bed bugs are mostly found?

Ans. Bed bugs generally hide inside the folds of mattresses, sheets, and sofas. They hide in between cracks, holes in beds, folds in curtains, behind wall hangings, photo frames, and wardrobes, where it is easy to get in.

3. How often should pest control treatment be done?

Ans. Most pest control treatments come with 6 months warranty period. However, it is recommended to conduct professional pest control treatments when there is a season transition as certain pests are more active during that specific time of the year.

4. How do you kill bed bugs?

Ans. We use pesticides and heating treatments to control bed bugs. Our advanced pest control strategies are safe for humans and the environment.

5. Do you provide bed bug control services in commercial places?

Ans. Yes, our company provides bed bug control treatment for all commercial places such as hotels, hospitals, and old age homes.



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