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Bees can cause inconvenience and create a lot of havoc in both residential and commercial properties. Spotting a swarm of bees isn’t difficult at all. But, these cute-looking honey bees’ and hornet stings can give fatal consequences or causes an intense allergic reaction.

Besure Pest Control Melbourne is well-aware of the importance of honey bees in nature. Therefore, we have adopted effective methods of removing bees without killing them. Our process is firm and doesn’t cause any kind of harm to the bees. For effective service of bees control Melbourne, give us a call today!

Besure Pest Control Melbourne’s Bees Control

Rely on our professionals, as we take all the necessary preventive measures for ensuring the safety of the residents. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, our team can take care of all kinds of bees and their homes.

For effective bees control Melbourne, we adopt customized methods for the removal and relocation of the beehives. Our beekeepers carefully move the beehive to a more suitable location and prevent residents from bee invasion.

Our work of Besure Pest Control Melbourne doesn’t end at beehive relocation, as we also make sure the bees don’t build their homes again in the exact location.

Our service of bees controls Melbourne gives utmost priority to the removal and relocation of the bees to a safe place. But, when bees appear more aggressive, then we may proceed with fog treatment, as it is the only safe method. The fog treatment is necessary for assuring the safety of residents and our team as well.

The best time for performing bees’ removal is during the nighttime. From evening the swarm of bees remains less active and is safe for our technicians. We only use safe, eco-friendly, and herbal treatments for removing bees from a residential property.

Rely on Besure Pest Control Melbourne for effective bee control services. Our team of beekeepers is experienced, skilled, and qualified as per the standards of the industry. Our team can perform bee removal services effectively and professionally.

Tips on Preventing Bees Infestation by Besure Pest Control Melbourne

Bees infestation can be prevented just by maintaining cleanliness in and around the house. Just simple measures like keeping garbage bins clean, vacuuming every corner of the house from inside and outside, and disinfecting dustpans help in keeping bees and other pests away.

Another effective method involves the use of adhesive when the pest infestation is in its initial stage. The adhesive method helps in capturing eggs and bees that can be disposed of later.

The use of hot water is also an effective way of getting rid of bees. Wash the bee-affected area with water above the temperature of 60 degrees centigrade. Make sure the water is released suddenly, as gradual release won’t give effective results. Bees will relocate to another nearby area instead.

For minor bee infestation, the cold cloth method is also used. Just keep a cloth in the freezer for over 12 hours and put it near the beehives.

For home remedies of bees control use of non-toxic chemicals like peppermint or cryolite is also suggested.

When the bees infestation becomes severe chemical treatment can be used. Make sure to use dust and sprays, after getting the area inspected by Besure Pest Control Melbourne.

Self-handling of bees infestation is dangerous, as a minor mistake can lead to bees outbreak in the locality. Hence, preventing bees should be your priority instead of killing them.

For professional services rely on Besure Pest Control Melbourne, as we deal with all kinds of bee situations and relocate them safely. Give us a call booking our services, or talk with our experts for getting a suitable solution.

Why hire Besure Pest Control Melbourne?

With decades of experience in providing bee control services, Besure Pest Control Melbourne has always been the first choice of residents. We can deal with any kind of dangerous pests. There are several other virtues, why you should choose us, and these are:

Our hassle-free services of bee control are performed by experienced and trained professional experts within the prompted time.

Only experienced and certified professionals work with Besure Pest Control Melbourne. We make sure our technicians remain cautious during bee relocation and keep the residents safe.

Our bees control services are available at super affordable prices.

We emphasize the relocation of bees and its safe removal, instead of harming them, as bees play an important role in the environment.

In case, your locality has recently witnessed bees’ invasion, and there are several beehives present across. Feel free in contacting us for effective bees control Melbourne. Talk with our experts for immediate solutions or book our services for bee removal. Give us a call on 0488882373!

Frequently Asked Questions at Besure Pest Control Melbourne

1. How do I cure a bee sting?

Although a bee sting can be quite painful, to the relief most of the bees are not dangerous. Your skin may swell up for a while, and it can be healed with the application of an ointment.

2. Should I remove the beehive using a stick?

No. Removing beehives requires experience and expertise. Using a stick and no preventive measure may yield fatal consequences to your life. Therefore, rely on Besure Pest Control Melbourne for professional bee control services.

3. How long do bees live?

The queen bee has a life span of over 2-3 years, whereas the worker bees barely live for 5 to 6 weeks.

4. Do you provide emergency services in Melbourne?

Yes. Besure Pest Control Melbourne provides emergency and same-day services for pest control. Our team arrives as soon as possible at your location for emergencies. Feel free in contacting us anytime you need.

5. Where do bees usually build their home?

Bees usually build beehives near a source of water. They need water for controlling their body temperature. So, you may find a beehive on the damped corners and roofs of your house.

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