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 Effective Borer Control in Melbourne

Borers are harmful to the wood timbers on your property. They cause huge loss and may affect your health. Having these tiny destroyers at your home or office is a pretty annoying thing. They feed themselves on wooden starch and then grow up inside the timber. You must take quick action and get rid of these pests. Besure Pest Control Melbourne provides excellent borer control in Melbourne. We are known for our effective techniques and safe chemicals. Our services are pocket-friendly yet most effective. You need to call us as soon as possible to get rid of those tiny creatures from your property. So, contact us without any hesitation and talk to our staff. We are open all hours of the day so you can call us anytime and book our services of borer control in Melbourne. Moreover, we also offer other pest control services such as ant control, bedbugs control and wasp control.

Why Hire Us for Borer Control in Melbourne?

Besure Pest Control Melbourne has earned a name in the pest control industry for integrity and honesty. We provide effective, honest and safe pest control services across all areas of Melbourne. We have been working for our clients for several years and our clients are always happy with the outcome. Here are some of our services’ features you must know:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Safe and green chemicals for borer control in Melbourne
  • Effective and certified methods of pest control
  • Finest services at reasonable price
  • Certified and local pest controllers

Do not delay or neglect the issue, connect with us today!

Methods of Treating Borer Infestation

We at Besure Pest Control Melbourne use certified and safe borer pest control techniques. Our methods depend on the location and type of infestation of borers. We inspect the infestation place and then decide the most suitable method. Here are some of the most effective methods for treating borer infestation, have a look:

Surface Treatments

When borer infestation is limited to a particular surface then this method will be effective. This prevents the wood borer from entering your furniture. Hence, it saves your furniture and that particular surface from borers.

Spot treatments

Spot treatment is a widely used and most effective method for borer pest control for houses. It used a proper ventilation system to control the woof moisture then the spot is covered with pains or polyurethane and water sealants to safeguard the wood from moisture and hence prevent borer infestation.

Freezing Treatments

This technique is effective for small furniture. In this method, your furniture is packed in plastic and frozen for two weeks. Then once it reaches room temperature, remove the furniture.


Fumigation is a bit of a complex and expensive technique. It needs professionals to conduct this method. We at Besure Pest Control Melbourne use safe chemicals for fumigation techniques. These chemicals are harmful to only pests and not kids or pets at your home.


In this method, we spray chemicals or insecticides on your property for borer control. We use Timbor and water or Boracare. These liquids are penetrated in wood and they remain there for years and prevents borer infestation. These anti-borer chemicals keep the borers at bay.

Do not ignore the borers that are causing harm to your precious furniture. Connect with us now and see the changes. Our specialists are well-experienced and professionally trained for borer control. They have a practical bend of mind and hence they can take quick action even in emergencies. So, call us and book our services for borer control in Melbourne.

Benefits of Borer Control Services

Borers have many harmful effects on human being’s health and also the economy. Therefore, these wood borers must be away from your property and furniture. Here is why you should get rid of borers with the help of borer control services:

  • Borers damage the structural timber.
  • They also cause damage to wooden furniture and fittings.
  • They also infect sapwood and hardwood.
  • Some of their species attack the wood with high starch like oak walnut mahogany, ash and also bamboo.
  • These wooden eaters not only damage the furniture but also pose harm to agriculture and forestry.
  • Their attacks can transport and induce fungi on wood. This spoils the wood or furniture more.
  • Borers can cause forest fires too.

So, having borers at your place means guaranteed damage to your furniture. Also, due to fungi on wood, your health may get affected. These damages and health threads will cause a major loss to your pocket. Therefore, call us today and be done with these tiny monsters. Dial our number and talk to the team about booking our excellent services of borer control in Melbourne.


1. Why get rid of borders?

Borers are also called wood borers because they live on eating wood. They can completely damage your wooden furniture if you just neglect their presence. Also, it is not just about the furniture but these borers can also cause fungi on furniture that can harm you and people in your surroundings. That is why you must get rid of boredom to save your money and health.

2. Do I need to throw my wooden furniture away if there is a borer infestation?

No. This is not the solution to stop the borders. You need to call us for borer pest control and force stop their entry to your property and furniture. If you throw out one piece of furniture, they may infect another.

3. How to identify borer infestation?

Borders can be detected by their ticking sound, droppings, presence of tunnels and flight holes in your wooden furniture, holes under the carpet, dampness in the room, fungus on furniture, damaged or weak floorboards, sights of dead beetles and worms.

4. Are borer control services costly?

No. We at Besure Pest Control Melbourne offer quality borer control at an affordable range. We do not have hidden cost policies. You can get a free quotation over the phone call.

5. What to do first when borers are detected?

Call professionals and get rid of them. Do not delay by trying DIY techniques. Your quick actions can save the damages.

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