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Moths appear to be harmless insects that do not directly affect people. However, they may wreak havoc on stored food and clothing materials such as fur, wool, and even leather. Moth infestation is damaging and a source of concern, since flour mills and bakers incur significant losses each year as a result of them. Moth Control Melbourne is difficult to notice since they reproduce and develop in the dark inside of closets, pantries, and closets. Not any longer! Besure Pest Control Melbourne is here to help.

Besure Pest Control Melbourne is a Melbourne-based moth pest control and removal specialist. We deal with all types of hazardous moths, whether they are in your house or at your business.

Moth Control Melbourne Treatment

Prevention is preferable to cure. Given the potential repercussions of a moth infestation, it is best to avoid the problem by nipping it in the bud.

Being on the lookout for moths is the best method to keep them at bay. Besure Pest Control Melbourne can provide you with information about moth control. As a result, clean and clear the pantry once in a while, and check the cupboards and wardrobes to see whether everything is in order. To keep the moths at bay, you should also apply pest control pellets.

To avoid huge losses, industrial installations must have frequent Moth Control Melbourne and checks to avoid moth infestation.

When moths enter your house, they usually hunt for dark, disused nooks to deposit their eggs. These are often storage locations where we store our outfits, materials, and food supply and do not care to inspect for an extended length of time.

Identification of Australian Moths

There are around 22,000 species of moths let alone in Australia. Some are so colourful that it can get a little confusing to differentiate between a moth and a butterfly in just one go. Moths are indeed harmless pests but, it is important to understand that sometimes they can become a nuisance. Some moths may even be poisonous. Their faeces can contaminate your property and can lead to several infections. Touching a moth may even trigger a skin allergy. Listed below are a few types of moth species that ate commonly found in Melbourne houses or business premises:

Brown House Moth – Mostly found in workplaces or convenience stores, these brown colour moths mostly love to feed on grains, cereals, and dog biscuits. This type of moth is usually seen flying around dim light at night and they are bigger than cloth moths.

Cloth Moth or case-making moth – Also identified as webbing clothes moth, they are smaller in size and are infamous to cause severe damage to clothing such as silk or fur. Once they hatch, their larvae make a web in the clothes for them to hide.

White-shouldered House Moth – Commonly found inside the premises this species of moth can be found at any time of the year. They love to feed on grains, dried fruits,  cereals and potatoes. But they are also fond of nibbling your fabric.

Pantry Moths – Mostly found in food storage warehouses or your home’s pantry, this species of moth likes to contaminate processed or stored foodstuff and if ingested the contaminated food items, you can get a serious infection.

To avoid these pesky pests it is extremely important that you reach out to moth control Melbourne experts. Experts can easily get rid of any kind of moth infestation from your property.

Moth Infestation and the Risks It Poses

If you notice damage to your clothes, fabric, carpet, furnishings, etc., then you may have a moth infestation in your home or commercial space. While most of the moths do not pose any danger to humans but still there are species that can be extremely harmful to humans.

Apart from damaging your clothes and expensive fabric, moth infestation can also trigger a severe allergic reaction. If you try to touch the moth, their hair can transmit a toxin that can result in skin allergies.

Identifying a moth infestation is quite a challenging task because of its small size. But you should be alert if you notice more than two moths on your property. You should look for signs of fabric damage. The earlier the infestation is detected the lesser will be the chances of health issues.

Few moths also adore foodstuff such as processed food, cereals, grains, etc. Unfortunately, if you are any of your family members ingest the contaminated food item, you or they may suffer from serious health consequences.

It is rare but there are few moth species that can bite you in order to suck on your blood.

That is why you should always keep your premises clean and hygienic to make sure that these pesky pests do not shelter on your property. And if there is any kind of moth infestation, you should quickly call moth control Melbourne services.

How to Spot a Moth Infestation?

Moth infestation can be very annoying as they not only damage your precious clothing but also infect foodstuff. But what is more annoying is spotting a moth infestation. Here are a few signs that clarify that you may have a moth infestation on your Melbourne property:

Damaged clothing – If you notice that you have a hole or furrow on your clothes, fabric, silk or fur, there is a high chance that you have a moth infestation in your home.

Holes in packaged foodstuff – Moths are fond of food items like dry fruits, cereals or grains. If you observe that there is a tear or hole in your food package or if there is powdery stuff present at the bottom of the food item then it is another major sign of moth infestation.

Moth egg, larvae or cocoon – If you have a moth infestation then there may be the presence of moth egg, larvae and cocoon on your soft, unworn clothing and carpet. Moth control experts can quickly detect the signs of a moth infestation and get rid of the problem in a quick and effective manner.

What Are You Waiting For?

If the moth infestation has become uncontrollable, it is best to get professional assistance from a moth pest control Melbourne specialistBesure Pest Control Melbourne is a well-known pest control company in Melbourne. We are recognized for eliminating and managing moth infestations from your homes, workplaces, and businesses, thanks to our years of expertise and 100% local moth control professionals. Along with moth control, avail of our services such as cockroach control and bees control that can create a mess in your lives.

Moth Control Melbourne FAQ

1. Why are there moths in my bedroom?

Moths are attracted to clothes and fabric that contains keratin. If you have fabric such as wool or like that is made out of animal fibre can attract moths to your bedrooms. Also if you have unwashed clothes in your bedroom then the sweat residual can also draw moths in your bedroom.

2. How long does it take to eradicate clothes moths?

The whole cycle of a clothes moth takes about four to six months to complete. And their larvae and pupa can survive for a long time that is why it is quite challenging to get rid of the clothes moths infestation. However, experts at Besure Pest Control Melbourne have advanced methods and technologies using which they can easily get rid of the infestation in a short while.

3. What scent do moths despise?

Moths are highly repelled by cedar scents. If you wish to prevent moths from infesting your property, you can use cedar scented sprays. Because of their strong sense of smell, moths despise the pheromones present in cedar. Other than cedar, moths also despise the scent of lavender, cloves, thyme, bay leaves and rosemary.

4. Is it true that washing clothes kill moth eggs?

Yes, washing clothes with hot water or by dry cleaning is highly effective in killing moth eggs.

5. Are moths beneficial or harmful?

Among all the other pests, moths are the most harmless. They usually do not pose any harm to humans. In fact, moths play an important role in nature as they are responsible to pollinate many flowers and also help in seed production. But this does not mean that moth infestation should not be taken seriously. After all, they are pests and cause several health problems.

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