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    Possums are protected marsupials native to Australia. They dwell in trees and over roofs. They are a nuisance because they have the ability to chew on anything and everything. These possums are found plenty in Melbourne. Under the Wildlife Act 1975, these pests are considered protected species. It is illegal to kill them.

    It is strongly recommended to get possum removal done by a professional to avoid legal issues and fines. Possums are also a nuisance because they urinate through your roof which leaves stains on the ceilings and walls. We at Besure Pest Control Melbourne have the best possum catchers in Melbourne. Also, we have required licenses to carry out the possum removal from your Melbourne property or business premises.

    Our services are effective and could be provided on the same day to our clients. We guarantee to offer you outstanding services from our possum experts. Book an appointment today for availing of possum removal services for your properties in Melbourne.

    Dangers Posed by Possum Infestation

    Mainly, there are two types of damage that possums do. They affect the health and valuables of a person. In both commercial and residential properties, it is not safe to allow the possums to grow. To know about the risks associated with possum infestation, you should go through the following points:

    Property Damage

    Property Damage

    Possums are nocturnal creatures and come out of their shelters at night. They could create a mess in the garden. They can push the trash bins and chew the wiring or wooden structures. These pests could ruin the roofs with urine stains.

    Health Damage

    Health Damage

    Possums may not bite you but they could bring some infectious germs or parasites. These pests are known to spread some serious diseases such as relapsing fever, Chagas disease, tuberculosis, tularemia and leptospirosis.

    Sometimes, these possums die on the property. Residents don’t have the authority to remove the dead bodies. They have to suffer from the unpleasant smell for many weeks. Their health suffers a lot due to the bad smell.

    Lastly, the impact of possum infestation is severe on mental health. The noise made by possums does not let people sleep peacefully. They remain worried about the possums all the time.

    These health hazards are definitely risky but, you could prevent them by hiring possum removal Melbourne experts. Besure Pest Control Melbourne is always a call away. You can contact us and get an instant quote for the service.

    Different Types of Possums found in Australia

    Common Brushtail Possum and Common Ringtail Possum are commonly found in Australia. The Brushtail possum is a nocturnal creature and has a furry tail. They can be discovered on both trees and the ground. Their favourite food is eucalyptus leaves and other small mammals. These pesky animals can be seen swinging from one branch of the tree to another.

    Ringtail possums make their nests inside trees and feed on flowers, sap, and fruits. They weigh around 550-1100 gm. These animals have sharp molars and pointed teeth. They are quick when it comes to mobility.

    Depending on the type of possum, their behaviour and preferences, the possum control Melbourne team from Besure Pest Control prepare a solid plan. Our specialists go the extra mile to make the property free from these animals.

    Why Attracts Possums to Your Property?

    If there is an adequate supply of food for the possums in your home or office, then you would find these pests very often. Possums love to consume food products like eggs, mushrooms, worms, frogs, fruits, etc. These pests could also eat sweet potatoes, fish, rodents, meat scrapes, etc. They could find these things in your yard or trash bin. If you have cinnamon plants in your garden, then also you would frequently notice possum infestation.

    Some Clear Signs of Possum Infestation

    Despite their cuteness, these small and innocent-looking pests can be a big annoyance. Their constant hissing, fighting, and scratching can keep you awake all night. Not only this, if possums infest your residential or commercial space, they can wreak havoc on your property by causing a great amount of structural damage and can pose a threat to your as well as the health of your loved ones. You should check the following signs of possum infestation on your property and ask our possum control Melbourne to eradicate the pests on time:

    • Possums eat the fruits and leaves in your garden. If you spot both the leaves and the fruits missing from the plants and trees, then it is a possible sign of possum infestation. They also sharpen their claws and teeth by rubbing on wooden surfaces.

    • The excreta of possums resemble dog droppings. If you find excreta in closed spaces, then it is an indication of possum co-habiting in your place!

    • Their mere presence gives out an offensive smell. If all of a sudden, you experience such smells out of nowhere then it is an indication that possums have infested your space.

    • Also, possums are known to leave clawing marks on walls and surfaces. Presence of any weird marks is a call to reach out to possum removal experts without wasting time.

    • Possums have red eyes that shine at night when they roam in your house. This is an easy mark to check while searching for signs of the possibility of possums on your property.

    Benefits of Hiring Experts for Possum Removal

    There are many legal complications associated with possum removal. So, you should avoid catching or killing possums. You could hire professionals and enjoy the following benefits:

    Possum removal when done by experts is more worthwhile. They have the required knowledge and skills to deal with releasing of such pests and animals. Hiring experts for the job is necessary for the whole removal process so that no one gets hurt.

    Hiring professional possum removal experts or controllers saves you precious time because they are well aware and trained to understand the possible whereabouts and hiding places of the animal. They very quickly locate the possum and release it from your house.

    Possums carry germs and microbes on their bodies that can spread diseases. Possum removal when done by experts is also followed by sanitization and disinfection of the site which facilitates the elimination of any kind of germ the animal was carrying.

    Why Choose Us for Possum Removal?

    Besure Pest Control Melbourne is a reliable pest control company that operates in Melbourne and provides services across the suburbs. Our company assures 100% customer satisfaction to all the residents of Melbourne. Listed ahead are reasons you need to consider professional possum removal services:

    • Our technicians arrive at your place as soon as you confirm your appointment.

    • We also provide same-day and emergency services to our clients.

    • We make sure that the kids in your house are safe at the time of removing the roaming possum from your property.

    • Our technicians make use of updated tools and devices for controlling the possum.

    • Our possum removal team has the complete licensing and accreditation from the government to remove the possum from your property.

    How do We Remove Possums?

    Our experts at possum removal services in Melbourne have years of experience and industrial practice in safely removing and controlling further possum infestation on your property making sure your property is protected and your health remains uncompromised. To obtain the desired result, our possum removal Melbourne team follows this process:



    This is the first and most important step. In the inspection phase, we check the property and find out the types of possums inhabiting the place. Our experts note different points like property size, access points for possums and much more.

    Possum Removal Plan

    Possum Removal Plan

    Once the details are collected, our team lays down the plan on paper. The team gets proper guidance with this plan. Estimated result, time duration and many other points are included in this plan.

    Removal of Possums

    Removal of Possums

    Experts at Besure Pest Control Melbourne reach all the hard spots and use the right tools to catch the possums. They also remove dead possums from the property. After the removal of possums, our professionals disinfect the place too. Our specialists safely dispose of dead possums and relocate live possums.

    Possum Removal Service at an Affordable Cost

    Our possum removal Melbourne costs depends on the intensity of the infestation and the place where they are hiding and how much time and what kind of treatment will be needed to safely remove the possums from your residential or commercial property.

    Our Possum catcher Melbourne experts offer affordable yet quality possum removal Melbourne services. Our experts at possum removal Melbourne services also provide customised and standard treatment and plan to remove possums in a safe and quick manner.

    Removal of Dead Possums in Melbourne

    It is illegal in Australia to kill possums through poison because they are protected species. But, sometimes they accidentally eat baits kept for other animals and die. They can also be attacked by other animals. In such circumstances, it becomes imperative to take help from possum catcher Melbourne. The experts carefully remove the remains of the body and sanitize the area. They even remove the bad odour with the deodorization procedure.

    So, whenever you notice a foul smell of any animal’s dead body or a sudden accumulation of flies at a place, reach out to Besure Pest Control to get clean and hygienic surroundings.

    Book Possum Removal Service on Same Day

    Besure Pest Control is a renowned name. We are known for our high-quality service, affordable price range, and customized pest control solutions. Sometimes, possums die due to attacks from dogs or get stuck in narrow places and get wounds because of sharp objects. In such cases, it can be harmful to keep the corpses in the home for a long time. To help people with such problematic situations, we offer same-day service options for dead possum removal Melbourne and possum control in Melbourne.

    Our specialists visit the location with all the required cleaning solutions, pest-killing solutions, and tools. They pack up everything as soon as possible so that the convenience of the client is not disturbed.

    Possum Removal for Residential Properties

    In self-defence, the possums could become a bit aggressive. This is not good for your kids. Also, the risk of infections and allergies remains high when the possum infestation stays for a long time. At Besure Pest Control Melbourne, we ensure that all the possums are removed from the house without causing harm to property, health or the environment. Our professionals abide by the rules and regulations to ensure the safe removal of possums. To book the service, feel free to contact us.

    Removal of Dead Possums in Melbourne

    Our company not only serves residential places but also covers commercial places. If you are an owner of a factory, hotel, hospital or school, feel free to book our possum removal Melbourne service. Our team would reach your workplace to catch possums from all corners. The price of our service is affordable too. So, you can expect high-quality service at a low cost. The booking can be done online. Our team works 365 days a year. So, don’t hesitate in hiring our experts.

    Prevention Measures Suggested by Besure Pest Control Melbourne

    After the complete process of dead possum removal and possum control in Melbourne, it is essential to keep the following things in mind to prevent the entry of possums into a home in the future:

    • Tall trees must be trimmed so that the branches don’t touch the roof. Plastic barriers can also be installed around the trees to prevent the jumping of possums from trees to roofs.

    • All kinds of holes and burrows in every corner of the house must be checked and sealed.

    • To restrict the entry of possums into the house, proper fencing with spikes can be done.

    • Pet food must be stored properly in air-tight containers.

    • A barrier must be there around the fruit trees.

    FAQs on Possum Removal Control

    1. Possums run on my roof at night and create noise how do I deal with it?

    Ans. If there are any tree branches near the roof, then trim them so that there is no place for the possum to climb onto the roof.

    2. There is a dead possum on my roof. How do I remove it?

    Ans. For removing dead possums from your roof, contact Besure Pest Control Melbourne. They would remove them from your roof and also sanitize the site.

    3. Would the possum come back to my roof once removed from there?

    Ans. No, our technicians seal the holes on the roof which were the possum’s entry points. We also remove any other vegetation that was used by it for entering your roof and your house.

    4. Is it possible to remove possums from the tree in my garden?

    Ans. No, it is illegal to remove possums from their natural habitats.

    5. Possums are eating up the saplings & fruit trees I raised in my garden, what can I do to remove them?

    Ans. We cannot remove possums from their natural habitats. It is illegal to remove them until they are on your roof and inside your house.

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