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Don’t let Silverfish Infestation Rule Your Property

Though the name sounds attractive, dealing with silverfish is a tough task and this creepy creature can lead to a severe infestation. These insects hide in the day and forge in the night and are a bit difficult to search. If you attempt to chase them down, you’ll definitely hurt yourself. As they hide fast in crevices and cracks. Infestation of these types of insects can affect you in a number of ways.

Hire Besure Pest Control Melbourne today, we can identify areas of contamination, and advise suitable, safe elimination methods. We can help get your home and business premises inspected as well as treated with our Silverfish Control Melbourne service.

Why choose us?

At Besure Pest Control Melbourne, we offer a complete silverfish control Melbourne treatment, which includes the termination of the pest from your property as well as on-going prevention methods. Our team of experts follows a standardized, treatment process to make your environment healthy, safe, and silverfish-free.

Our company sets apart in our silverfish control Melbourne service standards from others, due to our commitment and focus on the latest equipment and methods. You will find our services greatly meeting your needs with the following attributes:

Certified and licensed silverfish control technicians

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Methods that can Help Stay Away from Silverfish:

Careful Storage of Food:

Pests like silverfish usually feed on starch. Therefore, food must be stored carefully in airtight containers for silverfish control Hobart.

Eliminate Harborage Places:

Apply sealant on cabinets, moldings, windows, with caulk to make these areas less convivial for these silverfish pests to roam here and there.

No Dampness in the Homes:

Silverfish flourish in humid areas. Therefore, if you could avoid moistness from entering your home, then the infestation of silverfish can be averted to a greater extent.

Look at these few steps, which you can adopt to make sure that there is slighter moisture at your place:

Maintain a proper freshening in closed rooms

Prevent leakage if there is any in your place

Avoid accumulation of water anywhere

If possible, make use of a humidifier

Use vacuum pumps to clean the crevices and cracks

Utilize vacuums to physically eliminate insects from their harborages

Avoid keeping moist things:

Dry the things in the sun in an open space to remove the moisture. This will help prevent the development of moulds that attracts silverfish.

Pesticide-free Treatment:

Borate-based and diatomaceous earth products are very effective in controlling and removing silverfish.

Some Tips for Silverfish Control in Melbourne:

One can control or remove silverfish from your office or homes by doing the following steps, which are given below:

Most importantly, do not ignore the infestation of silverfish as it can be harmful to your health.

Keep your litter and trash in check. Leave no piles of paper anywhere in a damp or dark place.

Remove all the cracks in the garages, storage rooms, or any other places where silverfish would dwell.

Keep your libraries and bookshelves neat and clean and always ensure that there is no visible sign of silverfish at any place.

Any paper material or food should be sealed in airtight containers or cupboards. Do not litter any waste here and there or collect any paper pile in storerooms or offices.

Hire our Besure Pest Control Melbourne professionals to detect and prevent a silverfish infestation.

Hire Expert Silverfish Controllers:

If you do not wish to take a risk and can’t do it yourself, the last resort here is to take the help of experts who would help you in Silverfish Control Melbourne. We provide 24×7 same-day service even on weekends. We house licensed and certified experts who can help you get effective Silverfish Control Melbourne services. Moreover, we use only eco-friendly methods and technology. Call us at 0488882373 to book our services or ask for a FREE quote.


1. What would be the reasons that I see silverfish at my home?

Silverfish enter your property mainly because of the dampness present in our homes. Moisture areas make ideal conditions for these silverfishes to survive long.

2. Where are silverfish usually found?

Primarily, silverfish can enter our house from the grass or soil present in our garden or home’s fringes, or office lawns. Hire professional silverfish control, Melbourne, to inspect your property and surrounding and seal the entry points of silverfish in your property.

3. Can I burn or bury silverfish?

No, do not attempt such dangerous acts at your home or office, it can be very risky. Silverfish infestation can be controlled. If you want you can hire our professionals who can help you provide Silverfish Control Melbourne service on the same dayContact our team members to help you guide with the procedure.

4. Do you provide emergency services?

Yes, don’t worry. We have a team of experts who are readily available to serve you anytime you need us. All you have to do is call us at 0488882373 , one of our representatives will guide you for the services as per your descriptions. Once your booking is done successfully, our team will arrive at the location as soon as possible. If the location is nearby, we’ll arrive within one hour.

5. Can silverfish attack me?

For silverfish, it is not possible to bite human beings because human beings are huge in front of them and these pests have small and weak teeth. However, a severe infestation of silverfish can cause irritation, itchiness, and redness of your skin. Though they can’t attack but can harm your skin, so seek professional help today.

6. Can you please help me remove the silverfish as soon as possible?

Yes of course! We understand how difficult it to live in a house captured by silverfish. These small creatures hide so well of your reach. Also, once removed they come back again next season and multiply. Thus, avail of our Silverfish Control Melbourne services, call us today! We provide 24×7 same-day services that too at affordable rates.

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