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Did you spot a wasp in your house while searching for some book you thought was lost? Do not panic. Besure Pest Control Melbourne is at your service! Besure Pest Control Melbourne offers emergency and same-day wasp removal services.  Our wasp removal Melbourne technicians are quick and on their toes to deliver a rapid response.

The presence of wasps anywhere in your surroundings is not just scary but also unsafe for everyone. Wasps sting and leave a painful feeling in the body. It can also be fatal if the sting creates a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The presence of wasps around your house or office is a stressful thing for one and all. If you happen to see even one wasp in your spaces do not hesitate to contact us on 0488882373.

We specialize in providing wasp control services to both residential and commercial properties. Our professionals are punctual and have experience in controlling the presence of wasps.

They also have all the required licensing and certifications essential for the job. Special care is taken of the pets and the kids in your home while conducting the wasp control on your Melbourne property. We function 365 days a year. We offer immediate wasps extermination services all over Melbourne.

Different Types of Wasp Species

Wasps are dangerous pests that are found in almost all corners of the world. Some of the common species of wasps that you can find in or around your home are:

European wasp

  • They have two sets of transparent wings, with the first pair considerably bigger.
  • A worker of a European wasp can range in size from 12 to 17 mm.
  • The queen can survive the winter; nevertheless, the nest, including the male and female dies.
  • European wasps have venomous stingers.

The common wasp

  • They are well-known for being aggressive insects.
  • Their sizes range from 12 to 16 mm.
  • The common wasp has two black antennas and flies about with its legs close to its body.
  • They have two sets of wings, the first of which is bigger than the second.

The native paper wasp

  • Their sizes range from 10 to 22 mm.
  • The native paper wasp is one of 35 paper species found in Australia, including Melbourne.
  • They have a tiny head, but medium-sized eyes and antennae.
  • They have a slim build and an extremely small waist.

Yellow Jackets (Social Wasps)

  • When irritated, they can sting continuously.
  • They have two sets of wings with black and yellow stripes that alternate.
  • The worker is 15 mm long, while the queen is 19 mm long.
  • They may devour both insects and human food.

Tree Brown Paper Wasps

  • They typically construct their nests on the edges of buildings and within hollow trees.
  • They can be found in suburban lawns, woodland, and forest.
  • Tree Brown Paper Wasps range in size from 0.8 to 12 mm.
  • Their body is yellow, with dark brown or black patterns on the head, thorax, and abdomen.

Sand Wasps

  • They eat nectar but look for flies or other insects to feed their larva.
  • Sand Wasps are 22 mm in length.
  • They are not hostile and will not sting if contacted; but, if they are required to protect the nest, they will attack in a swarm.
  • They are often yellow and black with stripes, or white and black with bands.

Mud Nesting Wasps

  • They are frequently seen in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Mud Nesting Wasps range in size from 5 to 30 mm.
  • They may be found in woods, forests, and cities. They eat on plant nectar, honeydew, and the fluids of insects they capture.
  • Their hues range from orange to black to yellow to black.

White-faced Brown Paper Wasps

  • White-faced Brown Paper Wasps range in size from 0.8 to 10 mm.
  • They have a brown body and a white face, with white bands around the thorax and abdomen.
  • They often build their nests on overhanging rocks, bushes, and caves, as well as under bridges and houses.
  • They are pollinators, which makes them helpful to the ecosystem and handy in the garden.

Why Is Wasp Infestation Dangerous?

Now that you are aware of the types of wasps, you must know the negative consequence of allowing these pests to stay on your property. Wasps are aggressive creatures. It is risky to go near their nests. If you have kids or elderly people at home, they should not move around the poolside or garden when a wasp infestation exists at home.

Wasps use their stinger to inject venom into the human body. Their sting can cause a severe allergic reaction. To avoid the risk of a painful wasp sting, you should book the wasp control Melbourne service from Besure Pest Control.

Why Choose Us?

Besure Pest Control is a licensed company that has several years of experience. If you have been hunting for a pest control provider, then you can rely on our services because of the following reasons:

  • Besure Pest Control Melbourne functions 24/7 and is always at your beck and call. Contact us today for booking an appointment to get rid of wasps in your home:
  • The wasp’s controllers are certified and trained
  • The cleaning agents and chemicals for the elimination of wasps are non-toxic
  • We cover commercial and residential properties.
  • All our pest control services are priced at affordable rates.
  • We provide swift and immediate service to all our clients across Melbourne.

How Do I Check to See if There is a Nest Nearby?

Confused whether the wasps are staying in or your house or not? Try these ways to identify the wasp infestation.

If you observe that the invasion near your house or workplace is growing by the day, there is almost certainly a nest on your premises. Because it is formed of wood pulp and saliva, a nest resembles a papery wall. Some frequent places to look for a nest include in a building’s wall cavity, on the roof of the structure, in your house sheds and garages, beneath your home’s structure, in the car park of your company building, or in bird boxes.

When you’re unable to locate a nest despite checking the building area, you can trace the return path of a wasp and observe where it leads, which will eventually take you to the nesting. Due to the rising number of nests and the fact that they die over the winter, it is simpler to look for a nest in the spring or summer.

The size of the nest being investigated might range from as tiny as a golf ball to as large as a football or even larger. It is advised that you address a nest with a management and eradication service and install a protective system as soon as you detect the wasps.

Different Types of Wasp Nests

Mud daubers, ground nests, and paper nesting are the most prevalent forms of nests infesting Melbourne homeowners and business owners.

Mud Daubers

They build their nests out of the mud. Because mud daubers are renowned for seldom stinging people, they are usually regarded as a nuisance rather than a threat to humans; nonetheless, management and removal operations are still required.

Ground Nests

Ground-digging wasps live in these sorts of nests. They’re abundant near houses and businesses, and the females have been known to sting when disturbed.

Paper Nests

European Paper Wasp and Asian Giant Hornet make the most frequent types of paper nests seen in Melbourne. Their nests can be discovered in gutters of homes or businesses, on porch steps, or dangling from a tree limb.

We provide qualified experts with the expertise, treatment, protective systems, and experience to successfully control and remove infestations with our services at our company. Only after a comprehensive assessment of the infestation in your house or office structure are our control and eradication services performed.

Our Wasp Removal Process

To successfully implement a wasp removal operation, our experts have an organized plan. We have a certain protocol that we follow in order to achieve the desired results. The process of wasp removal in Melbourne is as follows:

1. Inspection

Before starting the wasp removal procedure our team conducts a thorough assessment and analysis of the wasp-affected site. That helps not just in calculating the level of the infestation of the wasps but also in finding out the source that has caused the infestation.

2. Planning

After the inspection is over, our exterminators figure out the ideal wasp removal Melbourne plan to remove the wasps from your property. We at Besure Pest Control Melbourne are able to provide tailor-made wasps removal plans on the exact same day of booking. Our exterminators offer a reliable wasp removal service to your Melbourne property. The complete wasp removal method is discussed with the client before the procedure begins.

3. Wasp Elimination

Our exterminators make use of bug sprays and splashes to remove the presence of wasps from your residential or commercial property. A combination of other treatment methods and agents is used based on the extent of the infestation. At Besure Pest Control Melbourne the safety of our clients and their families is always at the centre of all our efforts. The pesticides are hand-picked by our team in a way that would not take a toll on the environment, the pets, the elders, or anyone in the vicinity during the procedure.

4. After-Treatment Inspection and Tips

The exterminators visit your Melbourne property once again after the wasp removal Melbourne and wasp prevention process is done to check if there is any reoccurrence. The results we provide are absolutely safe and long-lasting. We advise clients on any specific objects in the house that need to be disposed of to prevent the recurrence of wasps inside your home. Our team also provides guidance to clients on preventative measures for wasp infestation. Get in touch with Besure Pest Control Melbourne today.

Why Hire Experts for Wasp Removal Service in Melbourne?

When attempting to eradicate a nest, most people resort to options, such as burning it, soaking it with water, or striking it with a baseball bat. You must understand that employing such approaches will not eliminate the invasion, but will instead boost your likelihood of being attacked and attacked by wasps, as well as the possibility of causing damage to your building’s property. There’s also a risk you’ll get stung before you even start hitting it with a baseball bat.

For all of these reasons, it is critical to engage a control and Wasp Nest Removal Melbourne expert to carry out an effective management and removal treatment service to protect your family and your business. Have a look at the benefits of hiring the experts over the DIY hacks:

  • The expert has prior experience working in tiny areas like your attic or beneath your house, allowing them to check and treat the nest using the service.
  • The professional has exposure to protective clothing and respiratory safety gear, which assists in protecting and securing them from any stings while examining your building.
  • The professionals are aware of a range of species, how to correctly examine the property, how to execute the service efficiently, how to examine an allergic reaction to a sting, and the habits of various species, allowing them to select the best control and wasp treatment Melbourne
  • The specialists have unique access to and are educated in the use of our Eco-friendly protective devices and effective control and elimination treatment solutions for the services, which are known for ensuring the success of the service.

Same Day Wasp Control in Melbourne

If there is a wasp hive in or around your house, you, your friends and families, and your children may be at risk. Wasps are aggressive, persistent, and cunning. You won’t be able to remove a hive after they’ve established themselves without professional tools.

At Besure Pest Control Melbourne, we strive to provide our customers with immediate solutions. We understand how dangerous wasp infestation can be, which is why we provide same-day ad emergency wasp removal and control services across Melbourne and its nearby region. To book our same-day Wasp removal services in Melbourne, call us today.

Affordable Wasp Control Service

Besure Pest Control Melbourne specializes in providing a wide range of pest control services in Melbourne. If you are fed with the wasps, simply call us and book our wasp control treatment. We would listen to your requirements and prepare an instant quotation. You will not be disappointed with the price quoted by our team because our service is affordable. There will be no hidden charges.

Wasp Control Treatments for Businesses

There are many risks associated with a wasp infestation. To prevent the wasps from affecting your employees or customer health, feel free to book our pest control service. We would use 100% effective strategies to exterminate the wasps and remove the wasp nests. Our services are offered for all commercial places such as hospitals, hotels, airports, shops, etc.

Wasp Nest Removal Service For Residential Places

If you have discovered a wasp nest in your garden, immediately ask the experts to remove it. Wasps have aggressive nature. They can attack your loved ones with their pack. To ensure the safety of your house, you need to hire experts. They use chemical sprays or fumigation machines to eradicate the wasps. No matter where you are located in Melbourne, our team would reach your home and do the pest control within a few hours.

Facts About Wasps

  • The stinger is smoother than that of a bee; it may sting continuously, unlike honeybees.
  • Only a female is capable of stinging and doing so repeatedly.
  • Except for the polar areas, they may be found worldwide.
  • The sting is toxic and can cause inflammation. If a person is allergic to a sting, they may die as a result of the sting.
  • They may sleep and hibernate for months when suspended from their teeth.
  • When compared to hornets, they are much smaller.
  • When they die, they release a pheromone into the atmosphere as a warning signal to their partners.

How to Prevent Wasps?

It is always a logical choice to get assistance from professional wasp controllers when there is a wasp emergency or infestation in your house. By doing so, you protect yourself from getting stung by the wasps. You can also deal with the wasp’s control on your own in your Melbourne property by introducing better hygiene in your day-to-day lifestyle. Read ahead to know how you can effectively deal with the growth of wasps on your own:

  • Prevent keeping the garbage bins near an exit or window. Even if you do so, seal them tightly.
  • When you’re outside, always keep your food and beverages covered.
  • Protect your company’s bins and prevent having any fruit plants sitting around your house or building, since these may attract hungry wasps.
  • Hairsprays, perfumes, and shampoos with strong or sweet-smelling scents should be avoided.
  • Wearing floral-patterned clothing or bags, as well as brightly coloured clothing, may attract them.
  • Screaming, flailing your arms about, or attempting to swat them can excite and provoke them.
  • Make sure your children’s hands and bodies are free of any food or drink residue, as this might attract insects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I get rid of wasps in Melbourne?

Ans. A Wasp hive may seem easy to remove but you should not try to remove it on your own as it can be dangerous as you can get multiple stings. Reach out to professional wasp control Melbourne. Experts can easily help you get rid of any kind of wasp infestation on your property.

Q.2 How do you get rid of wasps permanently?

Ans. Wasp removal in Melbourne can be a complex job. A little mistake can cause big trouble. Call a professional wasp removal expert as they are equipped with protective gears and essential equipment, they can easily and effectively remove wasp hive from your property making sure there is no room left for future problems.

Q.3 What smell do wasps hate?

 Ans. Due to their strong sense of smell, wasps hate smells like mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus essential oil, bay leaves, vinegar, geranium flower, and scented herbs.

Q.4 Do dryer sheets keep wasps away?

Ans. Yes, a dryer sheet can work as a wasp repellent, Because of an unknown strong scent, wasps do not like to go anywhere near dryer sheets.

Q.5 What is the Best Way to Treat a Sting?

Ans. To cure a sting, begin by scraping the sting off the skin’s surface using the edge of a credit or debit card. Warm water and soap were used to clean the area. You may also use and retrieve an icepack at 10-minute intervals for an hour, or you could take a pain reliever or antihistamine to lessen the pain or swelling. Another method for treating a sting is to apply a soaked cotton ball of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to the sting or to put a slice of lemon to the sting.


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