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At Besure Pest Control Melbourne, we aspire to provide affordable and effective pest control services to our customers. Every house and business owner in Geelong relies on the expertise of our competent pest control Geelong professionals for comprehensive assessments and effective pest control solutions.

We treat each pest infestation with an inquisitive attitude, realizing that no two homes or environments are the same, and thus no two pest treatment approaches should be alike. Our top goal is to protect you, your family, and your pets, as well as the effective and precise treatment of your property, to not only eliminate your existing pest issues but also to ensure that they never resurface!

With access to cutting-edge technology, we provide effective results and the safest solutions for your home and commercial space. Our trained experts at Besure Pest Control Geelong understand the seriousness of the pest infestation and are very well aware of the health risks that come with the pests.

That is why we only use safe and environmentally-friendly treatments that are highly effective on nasty pests yet safe on humans and pets. So, if you are troubled with any kind of pest infestation and want to get rid of them quickly, call Besure Pest Control Geelong today and schedule an appointment with our best pest control professionals.


Our Pest Control Procedure

At Besure Pest Control Geelong, we follow a systematic system to control pests. The following are steps followed by our brilliant team members:

Assessment of the Property

After reaching the address that you give to us at the time of the booking, we start inspecting the place. Cracks, holes, voids, vents, and almost all other corners are checked by our team to find out the nesting, breeding, and dwelling places chosen by the pests.

Pest Control Geelong Plan

Instead of relying on the same products and plan for all situations, we believe in preparing a customised treatment plan. We choose the pesticides according to the pest species. We also make a plan to remove the nests and relocate the pests.

We understand that clients should be aware of whatever is going on in the house or office. That’s why we convey the main points of the treatment plan to the clients in a simple language.

Extermination of Different Types of Pests

Rodents, ants, spiders, and many other pests hide in the narrow corners of the house. They lay eggs in some corners of the house to increase their population. Our experts destroy the eggs and young pests to ensure the elimination of pest infestation.

Experts at Besure Pest Control Geelong use both chemical pesticides and chemical-free strategies to control pests.

Post-Treatment Visit

To check the impact of the insecticides, fumigation, and exclusion techniques, we pay a visit to the site again after a few days. If required, we can even extend the duration of the treatment.

Why Select Besure Pest Control Geelong?



You may find many companies that offer pest control treatments. But, our company has an edge over others in the following ways:

Affordable Service

We offer a wide variety of services at pocket-friendly prices. You can book different services like rodent control, silverfish control, ant control, and much more at affordable rates.

Humane Approach

Our professionals not only use chemical pesticides to control the pests. They also use safe prevention techniques to keep the pests away from the house or office.

Licensed Company

We have the license to remove protected species like possums from a property.

Customised Pest Control

The intensity of pest infestation can be mild to severe. Depending on the severity, locations of the nests, and the types of pests, our pest control Geelong experts prepare a customised treatment plan.

7 Days Availability

Whether you need our service on weekends or public holidays, simply call us and we will be on our way to eradicate the pests from your commercial or residential place.

Affordable Pest Control Treatments in Geelong


Were you neglecting the pest control services because of the higher prices charged by some companies? Now, you can reach out to us as our company offers high-quality pest control Geelong services like rodent control, birds control, bee control, ant control, and silverfish control at affordable prices. There are no hidden charges attached to the bill.

For more than 16 years, we have been making the properties pest-free at pocket-friendly rates. Both commercial and residential clients can make the bookings after sharing some details. Guess what? You can get a price quotation for free. So, choose us and make a profitable decision.

Residential Pest Control Service in Geelong

Pests like rats, spiders, bees, and ants are not just dangerous for health but also cause massive destruction to the property. Termites and borers chew the furniture while rats and ants contaminate the food. Even beautiful birds can spread various kinds of diseases.

If you want your residential place to be hygienic and peaceful, then you can hire us! With our amazing pest control services, we will exterminate and control a wide variety of pests. We understand that toddlers have sensitive skin and pests are allergic to chemicals. That’s why we choose the right kind of pesticides that don’t harm the well-being of humans and pets.

Commercial Pest Control

Hotels, restaurants, clinics, airports, retail shops, warehouses, and almost all other commercial places need to maintain cleanliness to attract more customers. In restaurants, spiders, ants, rodents, and other pests spoil the food products. In Hospitals, the health of the patients gets suffered because of creatures like cockroaches and rats.

If you want to create a customer-friendly environment, then you need to book the pest control Geelong treatments after every one or two years.  Commercial buildings are big in size and can have complicated architecture. But, we can deliver excellent results even in large places. We distribute the work in such a way that every corner gets our attention. We promise that your premises will become free of pests with our services.

Our Emergency Pest Control Service Bookings


There are certain situations when you need to hire pest control experts urgently. Sometimes, the bees become aggressive and the rats become too dangerous. To deal with unpredictable circumstances, you need to book a pest control service from a reliable company.

Wondering how to book the service at such short notice? Well, contact Besure Pest Control Geelong and get the bookings done on the same day. Within a few hours, our team will be present at your doorstep. Whenever you forget to book the service in advance, feel free to reach out to us for quick service.

Benefits of Hiring Experts


At Besure Pest Control Geelong, we hire only pest management experts because they offer the following advantages:

  • Professionals know everything about pests in detail. They can detect the presence of different kinds of pests easily.
  • The experts are trained in their work. They can reach the unreachable corners with the help of relevant equipment.
  • The pest control specialists check the chemicals present in the pesticides and ensure that nothing harms the health of the pets and humans.
  • The experts do their work quickly. Within a few days, you will get guaranteed relief from the problem of pest infestation.
  • You should always rely on experts because they give excellent suggestions related to the prevention of pests. They can tell you the exact entry points that must be sealed to prevent the pests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your pest control chemicals leave an odour after the treatment?

No, all the chemicals used in the pest control procedure do not have any odour.

2. How often should I consult pest control companies for checking my house for pests?

An annual inspection of your house from a professional pest control company is the most appropriate way to prevent any pest infestation from the root itself.

3. Is pest control service worth the money?

Looking at all the severe health hazards that pests can impose on you and your loved ones, investing in regular pest control services is worth it.

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