Termite Control Service Melbourne

Termite Control Melbourne

Termites are known to be the ancestors of cockroaches. These minutes insects feed on wood, soil, or leaves. Termites can easily damage your wooden furniture in a matter of time and remain hidden most of the time. Apart from harming the properties, termites have significant value in traditional medicines and medical science.

Don’t worry, Besure Pest Control Melbourne provides the best termite control services. With our experienced and local team of termite experts, removal and prevention from termites are 100% guaranteed. We use eco-friendly, safe yet effective chemicals for termites control and eradication. Give us a call for effortless termite control in Melbourne!

Termite Pest Control

Termites are considered the most hazardous pest that poses the ability to permanently damage wooden objects in your house. They operate at night and chew on wood/ timer in your house. The havoc they cause is beyond repair and hence they can be efficiently exterminated only through the best termite control. Melbourne’s homeowners often complain about termite infestation as they suffer the loss of millions of dollars due to these silent destroyers.

Threats of Termite Infestation

  • They feed on your valuable wooden & timber furniture and end up damaging it completely.
  • If wooden furniture damaged by termites comes in contact with moisture it can lead to mold growth. The spores released by mold are a threat to human health.
  • Termite bites may not be hazardous to health but they can cause skin allergies. Similarly, termite droppings can trigger asthma & other allergic reactions.
  • Some termites’ species can also damage electric wires & setup.

Signs of Termite Infestation

There are several species of termites present in Australia, and their presence can be understood by different signs.

Hollow Timber: When you knock on the wood or timber that has been affected by termites it sounds hollow and appears flakey. The termites have eaten away the wood from inside.

Headbanging: While the termites remain busy eating away your woods, they release munching sound. You may hear some clicking sound coming from the furniture that is a sign of termite infestation.

Tunnels: Termites form tunnel-like structures in the woods made from muds or droppings. These tunnels act as a pathway for traveling while being hidden for the termites.

Types of Termites

Drywood Termite: Usually dry wood termites are spotted inside furniture where they live in small colonies. These termites can consume hardwood and softwood timbers.

Flying Termites: Also known as swarmers, these termites fly away when there is insufficient food. Once the termites find their mates they lose their wings.

Dampwood Termite: These termites are found in high moisture content areas especially around decaying wood.

Subterranean Termite: Known for their destructive nature, subterranean termites feed on wood that is still connected from the roots.

Formosan Termites: Formosan is another destructive termites variant that lives in mud and eats wooden components.

Besure Pest Control Melbourne’s Termite Inspection

Whether you are planning on buying a new property or doubtful of termite infestation in your house, rely on Besure Pest Control Melbourne for professional services and inspection. Our team of experts detect termite infestations and eliminate them from your property.

Standard Termite Inspection

Using our modern termite detection devices, we proceed with the inspection of the property while following Australian standards. We provide a detailed report to the users after thoroughly inspecting the property and attaching photographs as supporting evidence. On average the professionals of Besure Pest Control Melbourne take 2-3 hours for a standard termite inspection.

Pre-purchase Inspection for Termites

Buying a new property is a huge investment decision. And, that is why timber inspection for termites is one necessary service Besure Pest Control Melbourne provides. Our certified and trained professionals inspect the condition of every corner of the property and check for damaged timbers. We provide a multi-page report about the termite inspection that helps investors in making wise investment decisions.

Consequences of Termite Infestations

Damages caused by termites are more intense than fire and storms. And, that makes availing of termite control Melbourne a necessary service of all.

Termites cause great loss of money by feeding on wooden items like furniture, walls, and whatnot. These items get severely damaged and need to be replaced.

In most cases, the damage caused by termite infestation is not covered by insurance.

Termites create an unhygienic environment and spread diseases. Hence, availing of professional services from Besure Pest Control Melbourne is necessary for eradicating termite infestation.

As termites feed on trees, the bark becomes hollow and falls suddenly, causing damage to the farmer’s crops and affecting nearby areas.

Termite Treatment Melbourne

Termites damage wooden materials swiftly & permanently. They lay eggs everywhere & multiply rapidly; moreover, termite eradication is time-consuming and highly critical hence availing a professional termite treatment is highly decisive. The trained professionals identify possible entry spots and use organic chemical splashes to treat infested areas & entry spots for termites. They exterminate termites completely and serve excellent termite protection in Melbourne. So in case, you notice wood dust, hollow sound from wooden/timber items, or droppings you might have termites in your home; and they can be proficiently exterminated only with termite pest control treatment.

Need for termite protection-

Melbourne’s growing concern is termite control. Termites seek an area that can meet their requirement of food and shelter, once they find that they stick around. Later they build tunnels through the timber in order to build up their colony. Termite protection solution applied by professionals restricts these termites to settle on wooden items or any corner of your home; therefore opting for termite pest control is very important. The treatment has long-lasting effects and is completely pet & child safe.

Treatment Methods for Termite

Monitoring System for Termite:

The team of Besure Pest Control Melbourne installs a termite monitoring system at properties that witnessed termite infestation or for a future invasion. The risk of termite attack is reduced by servicing the monitoring system every 2-3 months.

Termite Dusting

We use chemical dust that effectively eliminates termite colonies. It is the best method when termites are visible and a large number can be covered in chemical dust.

Soil Treatment with Chemical

Here, chemicals are mixed with the soil for preventing termite growth and infestation. The whole perimeter of the house is treated with the chemical.

Baits for Termites

When termite infestation occurs indoors, using baits is highly recommended. It is a modern, safe and effective method of termite removal.

Interesting Facts About Termites

  • Termites fall prey to bigger pests hence they attract other pests
  • Termite colonies eat non-stop for 24 hours hence they swiftly damage wooden floorings & other wooden/timber items
  • Termites have wings, they shed them once they build the nest
  • 1 out of 3 homes are infested by termites as per the latest research

Termites top the list of most hazardous pests as they cause permanent damage; hence termite infestation is not an ordinary issue. If you wish to live in a pest-free surrounding & avert damage to your treasured upholstery contact professionals for termite treatment services without ado.

Affordability of Termite Control Melbourne

Besure Pest Control Melbourne provides a detailed plan for termites treatment along with an obligation-free quote. We can assist you with the best termite eradication plan at super affordable prices.

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Tips for Reducing Termite Infestation

Don’t make gardens closely attached to your house.

Keep a check on the water leakages inside and outside the building as well.

Make sure to maintain proper ventilation and drainage in the house.

Keep timbers and wooden items in a safe place and check on their condition at regular intervals.

Get your property inspected for termites by the best pest control company Besure Pest Control Melbourne at least once a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How intense property damage can termites cause?

Termites are present in hundreds and thousands in number. They can damage a tree in a short period. Every year over 5 billion worth of properties gets damaged from termites. Hence, ignoring termite infestation isn’t a great idea.

2. How affordable is termite control Melbourne?

Eliminating termites is a laborious task, but with Besure Pest Control Melbourne at your service, we can get the job done for you at pocket-friendly rates.

3. What should I do when I find termites in my house?

Leave them undisturbed, and seek professional assistance immediately. Any kind of use of spray or disturbance may lead to scattering. Therefore, give us a call at +61488882373 and avail of emergency services for termite control Melbourne.

4. Do you provide services on holidays?

Yes. We Besure Pest Control Melbourne remain open 24×7 and all year long. Feel free in booking our services on weekends and public holidays.

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