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Are you fed up with the constant screeching noises, damaged wire and clothing? And not to forget, disgusting rat droppings in every nook and corner of your property? Exhausted from trying to set baits to catch nasty little rats thriving on your property. Reach out to professional Rat Removal Melbourne services. Highly trained experts can easily detect the possible spaces where these wicked pests may be hiding and will perform a thorough treatment to get rid of these pests from your property. Mostly there are two types of rat species found in Melbourne-

Roof rat – Also known as a ship or black rat. They prefer to live in a roof cavity and usually love the comfort of warm and safe surroundings. They come out at night in search of food.

Sewer rat – Also known as brown rat. Unlike black rats, they prefer to start in tunnels or drains and rarely come inside the house.

Just like rats, Melbourne house owners also have difficulties with other pest infestations such as possums. Possum infestation on your property can cause severe health problems. Get in touch with our Possum Removal Melbourne experts and get rid of the problem within a day.

Damage That Rats Can Inflict On Your Property

Apart from health issues, a rat infestation can lead to serious property damage. They may look small but they can be extremely disastrous.

Rats on your property are troublesome for many reasons and you don’t want them creeping around in your property. These creepy and noisy critters are known for invading your property through the roof cavity and making your place vulnerable to damage and also posing a threat to you and your family’s health.

These pests not only take shelter on your property but cause many damages such as:

Property damage –

  • Damage insulation and pipes by constantly chewing on them.
  • Even more precariously, they gnaw through electrical wires which can lead to a house fire and if not that they can still cause other damages like damaging your electrical system and cause accidents such as electric shocks and electrocution.
  • To sharpen and strengthen their teeth, they chew through anything such as clothes, paper, wood. Books, sofa covers, furniture fabric, etc.
  • They will burrow into insulation inside fences, walls and garrets, either to take shelter or to gather delicate and useful materials to build their nests.

Food damage –

  • Rats are not very capricious when it comes to eatables or any kind of food item, they love to feast on a wide array of stocked edibles or pet foods.
  • If a meal comes wrapped in a cardboard box or paper packaging— It is icing on the cake for the rats. They will use the packaging to make their nest and feed on the food item inside it.
  • While they are in the storeroom or Pantry, they will contaminate foodstuffs with pathogens, excreta and their hair.
  • If the contaminated food is ingested by you or your loved ones then it can lead to severe infection. That is why it is extremely important to reach out to rat removal Melbourne experts to get rid of the rat infestation from your property.

How to Identify Rat Infestation?

Rats rarely come into our sight as they are hidden during the daytime and only come out at night. That is why it becomes difficult to confirm whether you have rats thriving on your property or not. Listed below are a few ways you can confirm a possible rat infestation on your property.

  • Rat droppings on grounds, platforms, around food items, cupboards, pantry and more
  • Damaged cloth, fabric, wires, insulation, books, paper, plastic or plant matter in the house or workplace.
  • Marks of bites and nibbling on food packages.
  • Stale odours lingering on your property.
  • Dug holes on drywalls, basement and floors.

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs on your property then there might be a possible rat infestation on your property. You should take quick action and reach out to professional Rat Removal Melbourne services as soon as possible if you wish to get rid of these creepy critters from your property.

These rats sometimes get trapped in a hidden and secluded place and end up dying. Because of which you may have to experience a strong nasty stench lingering around your property. If you are experiencing such a problem reach out to our dead animal removal Melbourne experts today. Experts can remove the animal carcass and sanitize your place making sure the odour is eliminated and your property stays fresh and clean.

Rat Removal Melbourne Process

Inspection: Our Rat Removal Melbourne experts will first thoroughly inspect your property to discover possible points from where the rats can invade. This detailed analysis and inspection help them prepare the best plan of action to remove the rats from your property.

Bait Stations: Highly trained rat removal specialists use bait stations to trap the rats. They use baits filled with toxic rat chemicals and rodenticides and place them around the property to prevent rats from invading your property in the first place. Experts make sure that the baits are kept at such places where your children and pets cannot reach them.

Prevention: The main purpose of experts at rat removal services is to make your residential or commercial property inaccessible to rats or other rodents. So, they will close any cavity, holes and clefts, barring access points to your property.

How Experts Can Help Remove Dead Rats From Your Melbourne Property

The sight of a dead rat on your property is an unpleasant and disgusting experience that Melbourne property owners may have to face if they rat infestation. Apart from sheltering on your property, these pesky critters end up dying in the attic, roof cavity, basement etc., releasing a nasty stench that lingers across your property. The odour is so stale that it can make it unbearable for you to stay inside the premises.  Not to forget about the plethora of viruses and bacteria that are engaged in the decomposition process. These harmful microbes can open doors to various health issues such as salmonella, tularemia, etc. If you have a dead rat carcass on your property you should never try to remove the carcass with the bare hand, it is recommended that you hire professional dead rat removal Melbourne experts. Highly skilled and trained experts will effectively remove the dead rat from your property by using advanced methods.

Once the carcass is removed dead rat removal Melbourne experts will thoroughly sanitize the area making sure there is no room left for diseases and not only that, experts use eco-friendly deodorizers to eliminate the lingering nasty odours from your property making sure that your property smells fresh and pleasant.

If you have a dead rat, possum, or any other rodent on your property, you must take quick action and call dead animal removal Melbourne immediately. Our highly trained experts can get rid of the animal carcass in a safe and quick manner.

So, if you are troubled with any kind of rat infestation or suffering from dead rats on your property, you should quickly reach out to professional experts in Melbourne who can remove the problem from your property in a quick and effective manner.

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